3Tips To Improve Zillow Ad Oct 12 2019 1

Thinking of selling your home on Zillow?
Don’t do it until you check out these three tips. Zillow.com by far is the number
one real estate website in the world. It gets about 30 million unique visitors
each and every month. So in order to catch some of those unique visitors – you
have to make sure that your ad stands out. Now by far, everyone knows that
Zillow sells leads to Realtors so when a potential buyer sees your home and
they’re interested – they have to bypass those two, three to four Realtors who
have purchased those spaces on that page and then click to your information. Tip
number one put your email address and/or your telephone number in the
first line of the description. So your description can read “For easy viewing
and the best information regarding this property contact the owner directly at”
your number and/or your email. Now if you’re apprehensive about putting your
email address in your ad, then create a unique email address specifically for
all the inquiries regarding your home. Tip number two – claim your property’s
profile. Some of the information that Zillow may have pulled from the tax
records may be wrong. Maybe you’ve added an addition to your home and it is not
showing in that Zillow ad. So be sure to claim your property’s profile. Tip number
three — add a video walkthrough of your home
everyone loves video. So don’t sell yourself short and not add a video. Here’s
a bonus tip. Be very careful with pricing your home slowly on the Zestimate.
Zestimates could be off one to four percent. So if you’ve got a $500,000 home and
it’s off 4% that’s $20,000. That’s a lot of money your leaving on
the table. So be sure to check the area comps or get an appraisal so you
know where to price your home. There it is 3 tips to improve your Zillow ad. My name is Denise Rush with Keller Williams Realty please feel free to call
text or email me with any questions that Happy Selling! Good luck!

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