• God I love him.

  • 33:36 "That's what she said."

  • Determinant has been determined. Thank you MIT!

  • best det class i ever had.

  • While in high school (in India), I used to hate matrices, determinants, and vectors. They taught it like they were just a bunch of mindless, random calculations. Prof. Strang gives meaning to all of them and linear algebra has suddenly become wayyyy more interesting!

  • 40:57 hes def sniffing smt

  • Alhaitham Al Jabri

    The GOAT

  • I was 9 years old when this video was recorded. lol

  • 800th upvote. Very good video!

  • Closing comment was confusing. What did he mean by permutations can either be odd or even?

  • The definition is just brilliant

  • this is brilliant, why did i ever bother attending live lectures at my university

  • Thank you.

  • https://youtu.be/srxexLishgY?list=PLE7DDD91010BC51F8&t=858
    Oh, ohh, ohhh. There was a party before and now all the bottles are empty.

  • ~22:10 "now I have to get serious"

    so, what was all that other stuff?

  • Lecture 18: Properties of determinants

    Lecture 19: Determinant formulas and cofactors

    Lecture 20: Cramer's rule, inverse matrix, and volume

    Lecture 21: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

    Lecture 22: Diagonalization and powers of A

    Lecture 23: Differential equations and exp(At)

    Lecture 24: Markov matrices; fourier series
    Lecture 24b: Quiz 2 review

    Lecture 25: Symmetric matrices and positive definiteness

    Lecture 26: Complex matrices; fast fourier transform

    Lecture 27: Positive definite matrices and minima

    Lecture 28: Similar matrices and jordan form

    Lecture 29: Singular value decomposition

    Lecture 30: Linear transformations and their matrices

    Lecture 31: Change of basis; image compression

    Lecture 32: Quiz 3 review

    Lecture 33: Left and right inverses; pseudoinverse

    Lecture 34: Final course review

  • 0:50 Start : Determinant
    2:30 Three properties of determinant
    5:29 Formula and third property
    11:47 Property four
    14:31 Property five
    – 16:35 2×2 matrix
    19:06 Property six
    22:12 property seven and eight
    33:41 Property nine
    41:37 Property ten
    – 43:44 Proof
    – 45:29 Practice

  • Free education X D

  • at 27:00, how come you are just able to factor out the diagonals? If you take out d1, arent all the diagonals in the matrix from the 2nd row to the nth row, dn/d1?

  • The way he says "Kill" makes him sound serious @ 25:56

  • wow ! That's Beautiful !!!

  • kavana v vasishta

    Love you Professor. You are such an adorable person and a great great teacher!

  • I wish if MIT could change the title of these lecture to something like " MIT (course number) – Lecture (lecture number) | (the title) " for example, this one would be "MIT 18.06 – Lecture 18 | Properties of determinants".

  • Greetings from New York City!

    Prof. Strang was my Linear Algebra 18.700 professor during my sophomore year at MIT in Spring 1973. I loved his teaching style, did well on the tests, and received an “A” in the class.

  • Did we prove det(AB) = detA*detB in the lecture?

  • Fantastic lecture!

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