10 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas (HAVE LEADS CONTACTING YOU)

Shawn Bell: If you’re struggling to get leads
or just starting out and wondering how you can get leads, then watch this video and I’ll
share with you some lead generation tips. Thank you so much for being here. Shawn Bell: For more tips on how to use technology
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below and hit the bell to be notified of when I post a new video every Wednesday. Shawn Bell: Are you sitting there wondering
how you can generate more business and have leads start coming through the door? Watch until the end of this video and I will
share some tips with you that you can start implement today to start getting those leads
coming through the door. Shawn Bell: I have been in the business for
15 years now and I consistently rank in the top 1% on all of Canada for my franchise. That didn’t happen without leads coming through
the door. Shawn Bell: So here we go, let’s start with
number 10. I would recommend reaching out to fellow realtors
in your office and getting referrals from them. “What you’re saying they’re going to give
referrals to me?” Yes. If you go to the right realtors, maybe somebody
who’s been in the business a while, they’re getting busy and they need some help. Shawn Bell: If you can reach out to them and
kind of shadow them and say, “Hey, if you’re going on holidays, you’re double booked. Call on me. I can show for you. I can do whatever’s needed for you. I can write the offers, let’s work out a referral
fee so that if you ever do need me.” Shawn Bell: It’s a great way for you to get
your foot in the door, start meeting people, and it gets you in the rhythm of knowing how
to do things and even when you’re shadowing them, it’s a great learning tool to see how
they do their business to get more leads. Shawn Bell: Number nine, make sure you have
a Facebook page. If you do not, you need to go create one right
now. Lots of people are searching realtors out
through that and if you don’t have one, you’re not going to get found. Shawn Bell: They just think you’re not relevant. So make that Facebook page and then create
good quality content around it. So don’t just be posting listing after listing
after listing, you need to be the digital mayor of your community, so go around, you
can see some prior videos of mine where I talk about this. Shawn Bell: I’ll share one up here for you. You can interview people throughout your community,
do restaurant reviews, park reviews, community profiles, the sky is the limit on this. So just remember, good quality content, don’t
be a salesperson on there. Shawn Bell: Number eight, community events. Every community has them so be a part of them. Get out there and even if you can, offer some
free services within those community events if they’re willing. Shawn Bell: One event we showed up and we
did free family photos for everybody and it was a hit. Whether it’s that or a giveaway, just be out
there, be seen talking to people and again, providing them with some value. Shawn Bell: Number seven, this one’s been
another huge one for me and that is Instagram. So for sure, create an Instagram profile,
get using it, learn how to use it and start growing your following. Shawn Bell: You can watch one of my prior
videos up here where I take you through on how to set up your Instagram profile and how
you can use it to start bringing in some leads. Number six, conferences or realtor events. Shawn Bell: So I highly recommend most franchises,
they have yearly conferences, be seen at them, get out there, meet your fellow realtors throughout
the country or even go to the global ones and meet people. Shawn Bell: It’s amazing how many referrals
you can get just through that alone as you start to meet people, become friends with
them, and when somebody is going to move to your community from their community and they’re
looking for recommendation, guaranteed, you’re going to be the first one that they call and
send a referral off to you. How many leads would you like to have coming
in in a week? Comment below and let me know. Shawn Bell: Number five, I would set up a
YouTube Channel. I have YouTube Channel that you’re watching
on YouTube right now. YouTube is a great platform to be found. Biggest thing with YouTube is that it’s searchable. Shawn Bell: So Google is the number one search
engine in the world and Google owns YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine
in the world. So if you can create videos about your community
and have the proper keywords in there so that when people are searching on Google or YouTube
for specific information about your community, you’re going to be found. Shawn Bell: That is an amazing, amazing lead
capture when people can consistently see you and get familiar with you and you’re providing
them good quality content, down the road, they’re for sure going to be contacting you. Shawn Bell: Number four, free home evaluation. So I know for us as realtors, this is a given. We generally provide free home values, but
the consumer, lots of them don’t know this. So maybe start advertising that, put it on
your social media the odd time. Don’t overdo it again because you don’t want
to be too salesy, but just reach your hand out to people and say, “Hey did you know I
provide free home evaluation? There’s zero obligation.” Shawn Bell: And just start promoting that. Get out there, start meeting people. Get out looking at homes and if you do it
long enough, eventually it’s going to come full circle and again, you’re going to get
some leads coming. Shawn Bell: Number three, creating a Facebook
group. Recently, Facebook changed their algorithm. They actually made an announcement and they
are putting more emphasis on Facebook groups. Shawn Bell: So create a Facebook group, invite
as many people as you can to that Facebook group. Again, provide value. Don’t just make it salesy. If you can provide value and you get to grow
a good following, you’re going to win on those Facebook groups because with the Facebook
groups, it actually shows to more people than it does a page now. Shawn Bell: So when you are posting on a Facebook
group, there’s a lot better chance people are going to see it. There’s usually more interaction with them
because people are kind of collaborating, communicating amongst each other which is
a lot more exposure for you. Shawn Bell: Number two, join a local club
or organization. These are all throughout our communities as
well. I mean, there’s a bunch of different ones. One that comes to mind is something like Rotary. Shawn Bell: You could join those. Usually they have weekly meetings and those
are great because you get to meet a lot of other business people within community. You get to work with them and when the time
comes that they’re ready to buy or sell or they know somebody that’s willing to buy or
sell, they’re going to be contacting you because again, it’s top of mind, they now know you,
they like you, they trust you. Shawn Bell: These ones are a great thing to
be a part of and it just gets you meeting new people again as well and number one, this
has been by far the biggest lead generation for me and that is Facebook Ads. Shawn Bell: You need to learn how to use Facebook
Ads and do them properly. Some people do not do them correctly and they’re
just basically giving their money to Facebook. So if you do them properly, the biggest win
we’ve had with them is creating lists for people. Shawn Bell: So saying if there’s homes in
a certain price range in a desire neighborhood, sorry, and keep that price range just below
what the average is so that people go, “Oh wow, I can actually get a house that price
in that neighborhood.” Shawn Bell: They’ll want to click on that,
they enter in their name, their number, their email address and then it gives them the list
of homes so that they can see it and now you’ve got that lead. Shawn Bell: So you can actually watch a prior
video that I did with Facebook Ads Master Dustin Brohm where he kind of breaks it down
and again, if you have any questions on that, feel free to reach out because those have
been huge. Shawn Bell: You’re not having to pay for lead
generation to somebody else where you’re at the mercy of them. Now you’ve got all the control, you can spend
how much you want to spend, so much more freedom, it’s amazing. Shawn Bell: So now that you know how to get
more leads, but maybe you’re wanting some more content ideas, you’re going to want to
check out the link in my description below and that has my free guide where it gives
you 10 video ideas that have 10 times my social media leads. Shawn Bell: If you like this video, please
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my prior videos on increasing your leads by 200% and getting more leads with Facebook


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