10 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Hire an Agent!! 561-609-0657

Afraid of making a mistake when hiring
an agent to sell your home hi I’m Joe Hillner with the Hillner home selling
team one of the things I’ve learned after being in the business for twenty
years is that it can cost you thousands of dollars if you hire the wrong agent
to sell your home that is why we have created this special report for you the
ten questions you should ask for every agent that you interview here are just a
few of the critical questions that can make you a lot of money first what is
your track record in the marketplace how many homes do you sell a year another
would be how many buyers are you working with that’s kind of important don’t you
think and how about this one on average when you’re listing sell how close is
the selling price – the asking price the costly consequences of not asking these
and all of the top ten questions are spelled out in detail in this report and
let’s face it in real estate as in life not all things are created equal to get
this free report call us at 561 609 0657 today

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