­čÜÇAtlanta Real Estate Market Update | October 2019

– How is the North Atlanta
real estate market? Should you wait to buy or sell in this real estate market? Let’s take a look at Roswell, Georgia and the numbers there because it’s right in
the middle of it all. Hi, I’m Kathleen Carmical, I’m a Roswell area real estate agent and I’m here for your October
Real Estate Market Update. We are seeing the market
slow down slightly. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Last September in Roswell, the average days on
market was only 20 days. This September, it’s
creeped up to 32 days. Still not a lot of time, but that’s actually a 60% increase in days on market. We currently, as of yesterday, had 432 homes on the market in Roswell. Last year at this time we only had 369 homes on the market. That means if you’re a seller you’ve got more competition and you need to stand out. For instance, here in Roswell the average price point, let’s say
of 4 to 500 thousand dollars, there are 82 homes to choose from. That’s a lot of homes to choose from when you consider that the National Association of Realtors says that the average homeowner only looks at ten homes before they make a purchase. That means you’ve got to get ahead of 72 other homes to make sure that your home is seen. Well how do you get your home seen? That means you need
massive digital marketing. You need an agent who is gonna do incredible digital marketing to attract the buyers because they’re all starting
their search online. What does that mean? That means you have to have great photos, you have to have a video of your home, a 3D walkthrough, you’ve got to have a targeted ad campaign online that looks for buyers and doesn’t just wait for
them to show up on the MLS. Your house has to look great. It has to look like a model home or as close to it as you can get or you have to price
your home accordingly. Make sure you’ve taken care of all those small repairs. Make sure that your carpet
is fresh and clean or new. Make sure that the paint is not scuffed and that you’ve eliminated
a lot of clutter before you list. Just remember it might take a little bit longer to sell your home in this market than it did a year ago, but that doesn’t mean
that your home won’t sell. With the right marketing strategy and the right presentation, your home will sell. Below this video in this description I’ve created a form you can fill out that will send you market updates on your particular home and your area so you can stay informed in what your house is worth, what your neighbors are selling for so you can always know how much equity you’ve got in your home. So click for that. It’s a great resource to have. Again, I’m Kathleen
Carmical, Roswell, Georgia. I’m here for you if you guys need me for any reason real estate-wise. Let me know if you’re
considering buying or selling, if you wanna know what’s happening in your neighborhood specifically, or if you’re considering
making some upgrades and improvements and you wanna know what the market will support, reach out anytime if I can help buying or selling real estate in the Roswell area. I hope to see you soon, take care.



    Do you ever wonder how the North Atlanta real estate market is doing for October 2019? This video will give you a quick peek of what is happening in the Roswell area.

  • The American Dream TV

    Great update Kathleen! Thank you for sharing.

  • John Cunningham eXp Realty

    Hey Kathleen! Thanks for creating this Atlanta Real Estate Market Update for the month of October. Isn't it great to know that everyone wanting to stay in the know with Atlanta real estate can easily stay on top of the market just by subscribing and watching your videos? Extremely valuable information for any Atlanta seller or buyer. Great job Kathleen.

  • Georgia Coast Homes by Karin Carr

    32 DOM is still very short compared to my area, but I like that it gives more buyers a chance to actually buy their first house.

  • Glad I saw this video. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is some great information Kathleen, I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos!

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