🏠📈Vancouver Real Estate Market Update – October 2019 🏠📈

This is your Vancouver real estate
market update for October 2019 and we’re diving into it right after this. Hey, everyone. I’m Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters Realty. I’m your local real estate agent here in Vancouver, BC I was actually named one of the top 50 video influencers in real estate in North America for the past 2 consecutive
years for the way I utilize video to sell my client’s homes and educate them
as well. In today’s video I’m gonna cover what’s happened in the Vancouver real estate market through the month of September, what’s coming that could
affect that market, and a piece of technology that I’m utilizing to get my
clients homes sold faster and for more money. I shoot a ton of videos about what
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Vancouver real estate market so that you can become an expert too. Alright, let’s dive into it so last week I shot a video about the top 3 neighbourhoods in downtown Vancouver and in that video I talked
about how Coal Harbour was the only sub area that was currently in a buyers
market. Well, something very interesting happened through the month of September. Coal Harbour went from a 7% sales ratio in August to 11% in September. It’s still
considered a buyers market but things are definitely picking up in that
neighbourhood. The West End, however, went from a 25% sales ratio in August to a
14% sales ratio in September. Now, anything below 12% is considered a buyers market so the West End is currently at the low end of a balanced
market but things have definitely taken a dramatic turn in that neighbourhood
over the past month. Both the downtown and Yaletown sub areas are still in seller’s markets. Now I’m not going to bore you with statistics in this video. For a full rundown on everything happening in your
neighborhood make sure to download the Snap Stats market reports attached to
this video. Now if you happen to be watching this on YouTube, down in the description below you’ll find a link to a sample Snap
Stats report. You can review that and if you find that it’s something of value
and trust me you are absolutely going to love these reports then you can simply
fill out your name and email to start receiving these reports monthly. There is
one report for the Greater Vancouver area and one report for the Metro
Vancouver area. I can send them both to you or just the one that’s applicable to
your neighbourhood and area if you’d like. I send these to my clients on a monthly
basis and they are absolutely invaluable to both buyers and sellers. Now some proposed changes which could affect the real estate market here in Vancouver are
increasing the amortization rate from 25 years to 30 years for first-time
homebuyers. Eliminating the stress test for those renewing their mortgage, and
decreasing the qualification rate for both buyers and refinancers. These
were tossed out by the Conservative Party a little over a week and a
half ago as a way of wooing potential voters in the upcoming federal election.
Now if elected and if followed through upon and those are big if’s, they
certainly could have an impact on the real estate markets across Canada and
here in Vancouver. Now a piece of technology that I’ve been utilizing over the past 16 weeks to educate my clients and market and sell their homes faster
and for more money, is YouTube. Now I know YouTube has been around for a while but it has been largely untapped and overlooked by many real estate agents,
including myself, until more recently. You see YouTube, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is a search engine and the people utilizing it are doing so for
very specific reasons. They’re looking for something. Searching for information
and trying to solve a problem that they have and because I am completely
committed to helping everyone live, love, and own here in Vancouver, I have been
creating and shooting one video a week for the past 16 weeks on topics about
everything that you need to know about living, loving, and owning, here in
Vancouver. Just over the past month I’ve created videos such as “How to move to Vancouver,” “The cost of living in Vancouver,” “The pros and cons of living in
Vancouver,” “Where to live in Vancouver,” and the “Top 3 neighbourhoods in
downtown Vancouver!” Now if you’ve missed any of them you can
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weeks so, stay tuned. Thank you so much for watching.
Have a fantastic day and remember, This is where you Live. Love. Own Vancouver!


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