➡️ Starting a Real Estate Career in 8 Steps

starting a real estate career can be
challenging today we’re going to talk about the steps you should be taking in
the right way to get started in your new career path welcome to this channel is
all about real estate my name is Mark I’m a realtor here in Sacramento if you
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real estate career and how to do it right right now okay so you decided to
make this leap into real estate some people probably behind you some people
aren’t you’re thinking yourself is this for me it can be the first step without
a doubt is to get licensed in your state get licensed in your state is very very
important the Department of real estate always keeps a close eye on people doing
any kind of real estate transactions or whatnot so before you get yourself in
any hot water get yourself license not to mention by
the time you get ready for your test you’re gonna know if real estates really
for you or not there’s a lot of reading there’s a lot of stuff you got to get
prepped for it’s not impossible but it is somewhat a process so getting license
in your state that’s actually not item number one
number two choosing the right brokerage there’s tons of brokerages out there and
you have to look at the pros and cons of each one training the reputation of the
brokerage in your area what do they bring to the table a lot of times people
jump into these brokerages right away the truth of the matter is you’re
interviewing them not vice-versa so pick and choose correctly because jumping
into the right brokerage could mean a long career in real estate
or and it also could mean that you’ve just made the worst decision you’ve ever
made and you’re not happy with real estate and that’s it you’re done so
that’s number two choose the right brokerage number three join the National
Association of Realtors very very important it actually allows you to use
the title realtor underneath your name that’s right until you join the National
Association of Realtors you cannot use the term realtor your real estate agent
trust me when I say if you’re gonna go all out you might as well be called a
realtor it does add a certain amount of like you know you know what you’re doing
so joining the National Association of Realtors is step
number three okay so you’ve got yourself you’ve got yourself licensed in your
state you’ve joined the National Association of Realtors you’ve decided
on a brokerage now what well here’s the thing you have to get trained in the art
of actually doing open houses selling houses buying houses there’s so many
little ways of there’s so many little areas of training are you a door knocker
are you gonna be doing how many calls a day are you me cold calling or you be
doing social media the right way to do all this stuff the training is very very
vital because you need to have a plan in place because you are your own boss the
other thing too is you have to make sure that you’re doing everything the right
way the Department of real estate will always keeps an eye on Realtors and if
you’re not including certain information in your marketing and your promotion in
what you’re doing you really could get stung so make sure whichever brokerage
you’re working with has helped you and is guiding you and your training and
make sure you’re trained right before you go out there and start representing
yourself to your friends and family and your contacts fear it’s very very
important that they feel comfortable and confident in the realtor you are okay
that’s step number four okay you’re your own boss step number five is you have to
create a business plan you’re the boss you’re the CEO you’re the vice president
your secretary you’re the CEO oh you’re everyone in your own business if you
think you’re hot getting going with a brokerage and they’re the company and
you’re absolutely wrong you’re running your own business so you need to
actually focus on what are your business goals planning all your receipts
everything you’ve got to set up a solid business plan now this might be
something that you are really not versed in so it’s good to actually reach out to
someone who might be able to help you with this business plan this is one of
the key things that I see Realtors either make it or break it if you’re
making a lot of these big checks coming in the door on your first couple years
and you’re not planning right and you’re planning your like tax write-offs or
marketing budget all this kind of stuff and your plan to actually grow your
business it could actually really cost you and it could really be a couple
steps back so try to sit down before you even get started and create a business
plan you know try to figure out where you want to be in three months six
months a year try to create growth with a business plan is very very essential
okay that’s the number okay so what number six is one of the
biggest steps it’s actually a step you can start doing before you even get
license it’s about creating your influence your circle of influence your
business your friends your family you know letting everyone kind of know that
this is the pal and this is the path you plan on going in you’re not a realtor or
a real estate agent yet this is the plan you’ve decided to go down this is the
path so it’s all about developing out all those friends family uncles and all
those contacts you build through your lifetime you need to bring them all back
in all back in you need to have a strong support base and once you get license
and you become a realtor you need to make sure that every single person that
is a contact in your contacts fear knows you’re the realtor to go to as well is
if they have friend friends and family outside that don’t know you they can
vouch for you and say you know what that person perfect hire them they can be a
really great asset talk to them their realtor so anyone that you know should
know that your realtor if they don’t that’s on you that’s step number six
step number seven is very very important as well
it’s about branding personal image you want to make sure that when people see
you they see someone that they want to trust they want someone that represents
here’s what I always tell people who do you want opening the door you’re open
house that’s exactly it number eight you’re ready to meet your
first client a little scary I know but we’ve all been there now the truth of
the matter is a lot of brokerages will assign you a mentor and if they don’t
you should ask for it there are a lot of people that have been the exact same
boat you’re in we all have so don’t feel don’t don’t be afraid to reach out and
talk to someone who’s been in the game a little bit longer to accompany you to
show some houses or to Ana listing appointment it’s okay everyone’s been
there it also sets a good precedent trust if you bring is senior agent to
the meetings Fantas showing appointments all that kind of stuff because it
establishes trust and trust is something that you need to start right off the bat
with any client you’re working with okay those are my eight steps on how to jump
into the real estate industry hopefully that helped if you liked what you saw
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have a good one

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