⚠️ ATTN REALTORS! Why You’re NOT Generating Leads From Your Website! (and how to fix it)

Real estate agents today. I want to show you why you’re not generating any leads from your current website. What’s up guys? My name is Jason Wardrop and in this video I’m going to break down how to start generate your first two to five leads per day For your real estate business now If you’re a real estate agent real estate investor or even a loan originator mortgage broker in that space I’m gonna break down exactly how to make the switch to start generating leads now over the past 3 years I’ve been able to work with over 5,100 real estate professionals and what happens is when new agents come to me is typically they say Hey, man, I’m not generating any leads from my website Like absolutely zero none, and I’m getting people to that website, but why am I not generating any leads for my website? So I walk them through this exact process. I’m gonna take you through today I’m gonna show you the exact Facebook ad templates the landing page templates how to actually go through and generate leads in this video So in this video, I’m gonna break down how to start generating your first two to five leads per day Even if you are a complete newbie and have no existing online presence Okay, because obviously at the end of the day what every business owner wants especially in the real estate space is we want consistency Alright, that’s the thing that most of us lack and so in order to get consistency We need to be able to be able to generate leads every single day Not like one a week or one a month or zero from your current website that you’re probably already Experiencing so just kind of break this down This is Jamie right here and he went through and implemented the exact strategies that I’ll be showing you today and In his first like 12 to 24 hours, you can see right here He was able to generate 12 leads at $1 and 2 cents per lead which just so you know I consider a lead someone’s name their phone number and email address Okay, not just some like or comment on a Facebook post, but you can see right here Just getting post engagement so likes and comments for just one penny pearlite case Which obviously it’s not what we’re going for but a dollar two cents per actual lead and we’ve got dozens of other Testimonials of people going through and implementing the same exact strategy like I mentioned I’ve now worked with over 5,000 real estate Professionals going through and implementing this exact process To boost their lead generation and get consistency back into their business Now the great thing is this works for all real estate professionals It doesn’t matter if you’re a buyer’s agent sellers agents if you have listings If you don’t have listings if you’re a real estate investor, or even if you’re a mortgage broker or a loan originator This is still going to work for you So if we take a look at this most every real estate Professional that comes to me I’d say about 98% of them already have a website Okay, a website something like this where you can go through you can check out the blog the contact information maybe you’ve searched some homes and all that stuff and Typically what agents tell me is they say Jason I’m not generating any leads from my website like I go through and I you know I run some ads maybe or whatever it is and they’re not seeing any leads and if they are it’s maybe one a week or Two a week or two a month or something like that something so sporadic that they can’t get any consistency in their business And it’s definitely not a mechanism that they can actually rely on for their business and so what they do is they go through and they grab a Facebook page and they’re like well I’m gonna go through get a Facebook page. It’s 100% free and then I’ve got that little boost post button I’m gonna click that boost post button put some money behind it and then all of a sudden I’ll actually generate all of these leads right Well, if you already been through this whole process, you know That that is completely wrong What you typically end up seeing is some likes and comments and maybe a share if you’re lucky on that post But you don’t ever see any leads. And so you’re like, well, you know what? Facebook doesn’t work I’m done with it and I’m just gonna go back to my usual Strategies that I know work Like door-knocking cold calling all this stuff. That is very time intensive And you can’t really leverage your time through technology. Like I’ll show you guys today So if you’ve been using your Facebook page and boosting posts and you’ve been using a website You know now that just doesn’t work right. It’s kind of like putting a square block into a round hole You just no matter how much you try. You just use can’t get to work. Okay, and I’ve already experienced that in my business I have seen thousands of other real estate professionals experience in their business as well so in order to make your Facebook page work or any other social media profile out there? So Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Pinterest, whatever it is you have to use something called a landing page or a lead capture page which those are synonymous terms and so a landing page lead capture page is basically the same thing but A landing page is a simple site just like this one right here. That has no other Distractions on the page. So if you compare it back to this website right here You see you’ve got like all the links at the top. You’ve got the call to actions links out to the profiles You’ve got all these different properties and so when somebody comes to your website There’s a lot to get distracted by and as of late Humans attention span is less than a goldfish which a goldfish I think is something like six or seven seconds Okay, so if you don’t capture their attention quickly, then you’re pretty much dead in the water You don’t even have a chance to generate a lead Whereas if you use a landing page, there’s one simple clear focus There’s no other links to click on there’s no other actions to take it’s either you’re gonna opt-in and give that person your contact information Or you’re not so if we take a look at a landing page or a lead capture page basically the same thing, right? versus a website a Landing page typically converts about 10 to 25 percent of people visiting your site Into actual leads as opposed to your main website that typically converts less than 1% of visiting that site Into leads which guys if you’re like wondering like well man, like this is terrible in the real estate space I should get out of the space and I should go be a chiropractor or be some like something else No, that is a hundred percent accurate No matter what Industry you’re in it’s just the nature of a website and how it works. And because there’s so many distractions And so many other things on that page People don’t convert into a lead So to kind of put this in perspective if you were to send 100 people to your website the website that you have right now you might be lucky to get just Lead-k which most of you have probably already experienced that because Your website maybe converts 1% of people visiting that site into actual leads Whereas if you took those same 100 people and you sent them to your landing page as opposed to your main website You’re gonna see about 10 to 25 leads with the same amount of people visiting that site so now instead of sending people to your Website to hopefully get a lead from Facebook Instagram Twitter or whatever it is You now want to send people to your landing page. Do you be able to go and generate real? qualified leads So someone’s name their phone number and email address and that’s what Chad right here found out he had been doing Facebook Ads probably like you have been Doing for a while He said been doing Facebook Ads for a couple of months now had great engagement But no leads so we jumped in we tried this out and we got almost immediate 10 leads and crazy engagement by simply using the Facebook ad to a Landing page as opposed to your Facebook ad to a main website Now if you’re thinking well Jason Like what types of landing pages do we go through and set up and how do we go through and create the Facebook ads well Let’s take a look at I’m here So this is let’s say you have a listing that you want to go through and market This is the exact listing Leeds campaign. That works amazingly Well, like consistently we generate leads for less than $3 per lead with this campaign So if you look here on the left-hand side of your screen That’s what the Facebook post or Facebook ad. Looks like So with someone scrolling through their newsfeed on their phone or on their computer or whatever it is They see this post from your Facebook page They read through and like oh man, I want to check out this little this home and see what it’s all about So they click on that link that you can see right there in the Facebook post They go to this landing page and they opt-in give you their name phone and email and like I said guys Typically, we’re getting leads for less than three dollars per lead by simply using this campaign right now Maybe you’re like well Jason I don’t have any listings and no other agent in my office has listings I can go through and use So what other campaigns are there? Well, here’s a look at my solo. These can so same type of thing You’ve got the Facebook post Facebook ad. That’s what people are gonna be seen on Facebook They’ll read through and like oh that piques my interest so they’ll click on it go out to the landing page Opt-in to become a lead now Let’s say you still want to work with buyers But you don’t have any listings go through market here is a look at our buyer. Lee’s campaign that’s been extremely successful Going through and breaking down. Hey, you know, do you know anyone looking to buy a home in this area? And so they click on that post that link. They go to the landing page And once again, they opt-in and become a lead, okay? and here’s an open house leads campaign or let’s say you’re in the Mortgage space and your loan office or something like that and you’re like, hey, I still need to generate leads well Here’s a look at just one of our many campaigns that we’ve got with the Facebook ad the landing page all this stuff Do you can go through and leverage for your business? And All those investors out there. We haven’t forgot about you. Here’s what a Facebook post Facebook ad looks like and go through read it They see it in their newsfeed. Click on it go to the landing page. And once again, they opt-in to become a lead So anyway guys if you want to go through and learn more about the whole lead generation process and the Facebook Ads the landing page Isn’t even the follow up the email text marketing follow up or even Facebook messenger follow up. I’ve got a 100% free Training on how to go through and generate leads It dives a little bit deeper into this whole concept and so I’ll have a link for you right below this video in the Top comment as well as the description where you can go through register for that training jump in check it out to be able to help you out with your business and generate a Consistency a consistent flow of leads for your business and stop relying on your website Okay, we’ve already talked about that But that is why you’re not seeing any leads coming into your business from social media or from the online portals and all that stuff Because you have to use a landing page because it’s simple it’s clear It’s concise and it just converts a whole lot better than your main website And then after you go through and generate the lead after they hit the landing page and you’ve got their contact information From there. You can easily send them to your website to go through and explore different homes or check other things Okay, doesn’t mean you can’t use your website and even if you don’t have a website you can still use a landing page you don’t 100% need a website and I break that down all in this free leads training that I’ll have the link right below this video so whether you have a website or you don’t have a website this will still work for you and Even if you don’t have a big following on Facebook or Instagram or any of these other platforms I’ll show you how to get started with absolutely zero experience zero tech skills and how you can be off on your way Generating a consistent flow of leads for your real estate business So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching if you’re brand new here My name is Jason Wardrop and I launched new videos every single week helping you Generate more leads make more money and grow your business So make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell And if you found this video helpful, go ahead. Give it a thumbs up with that said guys I hope to see you on that training


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