Обзор квартир на первой линии моря. Fuengirolа. Недвижимость в Испании c Оксаной Майковой

Hello everyone, Oksana Maykova.
I help invest real estate Spain is the most profitable and safe
and today we have another review we we are on the first line of the beach you
You see, it’s already von ferula, that is, we returned to their home and today we will
look interesting object interesting facility in terms of location and in
in terms of the wishes of the client for the rest I am so I think that is, if you go to the south
country the very first very first let’s say so the very first criterion
which in our head is the sea there we’re going to the sea already; don’t forget that
we go to the sea with those who there is no sea nearby, and people go to the sea
which this sea is, that is, we live Spain, I’m at sea, by the way, we, too
moving somewhere and of course in our the head is the sea so objects
which are on the first line in downtown and in the center of urbanization
so you know developed infrastructure where there is a bar and restaurant and here we have it
burger king and and all the amazing port here right next door
the port complex restaurants the place is exotic from this add up
Naturally, and prices, but does it fall profitability of your rent if it is your
private apartments we will disassemble I think that should look like this
perfect apartments prepared for sale if you remove this one right now
here’s a washing machine which is still on place not set see what we have
that is, firstly they are repaired yes they are completely clean, that is, you come in
and you immediately understand how much where to put what looks like you
you don’t have to think up if we admit see see the kitchenette
here she is so narrow yes that is, we can
it is built in yes if it weren’t here then it would be necessary to think out how where what
to embed and here already when everything cooked yes that is
installed as we say that is you immediately see the volume is approximately
Can you imagine how much you need it
the view from the window to the city I as already said this is the first line of your pool
down below it is visible now once again he saved and on and here is another room
generally this studio divided by a wall so divided in
each room as we see air conditioning that is a huge studio in itself
because how much space is a lot of place it is divided and sold as
one bedroom apartments and of course me amazing adore bathrooms good see
there is already a modern shower toilet bowls
here here the truth is not quite big sink
instead, if you see something here is not what you learn somehow
everything is clean everything is very very good about the price says I don’t even want
after the alexander because her price is 189,000 these are the prices of von dick
for comparison on profitability as I said
you need to count and the price I found out who will be interested in live broadcasts
or for courses we all had this site well and here vip of course you will not notice anything
Xia Panferova at a glance everything is far enough and look
double-glazed windows as open such accordion with elevator there is an elevator and a stele
Russia such is the 13th floor we are on thirteenth that’s how there are elevators
that is no problem clean house porches the entrance porch neat
what neighbor door all in all go to order come physics ct 70 years in general
every product in this market but i international market sales market
real estate has its completely objective for the price this is most likely
subjective reasons these are the reasons for they will help me increase my income
or vice versa will reduce it to zero understand yes but not in this video we
understand this issue at school professional buyer on the second
course win-win rental strategy
marketing is for those who have already bought and suddenly realized that his expectation is not
coincides with reality which would be him which was him
painted on sale then so that in this case
make no mistake we have you know in first course to
to himself a realtor is when we buy we choose an apartment with
specific goal because the goal living with me family and what will be
surround us is one story and purpose rental income is understandable
to everyone this is a completely different story not forget that the seller is a realtor who
you work with him, too, his goal his goal is to sell and earn and already
your further goals they shouldn’t him mother should not be the same as a doctor
if you come and you have some kind the problem is the doctor’s case in this problem
remove what will happen to you next in further perspective, that is, the doctor
this diagnosis for the rest of my life you won’t be able to
I have many examples, that is, I have right food went right away
and sport a tataratata but this does not apply just just
images to which relate or not relate to the purchase of real estate for the purpose of
renting it out we still have a day with you today
look completely different apartments then there is in the next building I’ll show you
there is the same and the same complex but not reformed
yes that is what we saw before this now see how it is in
it looks like if we have at the entrance here here these bathroom
apartments are prepared for rent they are on lease for rent price
rent 800 euro per month today I can say the price is perfectly acceptable
or 350 euros per week with anything shorter rent is more expensive well, that’s logical
they do not bother for rent agency therefore these are
fixed prices that is what is here see furniture bills as we love
these are apartments specifically for rest very clean you see
equipped kitchen with good an interior but not dear to me
you see everything already and the oven is inside 150 euros a week guys are very super
and see what’s the most interesting thing I started him from the balcony yes here you see the balcony
a table and of course since it’s frontal front sea view apartments
this is the fifth floor here it is the same pool the front right goes visible then on the sea and
this is what you watched here The 13th floor there are apartments for
189 this apartment costs 195 boat here you can go into a polemic dispute
why how expensive cheap such prices what they are I’ll say again that the market
we are not subjective very big the value is very large
the number of storeys is important and again desire is very important
seller to sell these apartments have the buyer well no rent as
they say and do not worry, I am very pleased today’s see shown because
we have the opportunity to compare and talk about it beauty
I’m straight happy you know how I am love watch topic i’m not a realtor in
the classical sense of the word I have there is no set of apartments that I would
wanted to get you involved sell I work a little bit on the other hand after
we went through school after we talked with you
I choose apartments from all over the market specifically for you, that is, I am considering
man first of all with his requests and I pick up real estate from the market
I pick up a good syllable I pick up with the market together with you already real estate
which matches ours with ours our plan with you yes so
probably also not vice versa realtors working on selling your product yes
there is a product there is a seller a specific product in my case
on the contrary, I have a buyer who I would like in the whole market in a full market
choose what is profitable specifically for him that’s why i say i help
invest in real estate spain most profitable and safe therefore
let’s watch the next apartment and Of course I’m always waiting for your comments
and likes and channel subscriptions because she and two apartments, too, they somehow
in pairs of 6 apartments per floor and here they are and so it’s located
the door three plus three in a row it’s not a single somewhere
note 3 exiting the staircase we go inside and
like buildings here from time immemorial here are leather souvenir shop
here I do not know why they are here why they chose the location here but
you have such a down here shopping center
specialty are in the very center phone here all and here in the very
the very center there is nothing then go from courthouse to the building like this
closed corridor all the following points we go here someone sometimes
sitting here but not always important here there is a lift for wheelchairs
that is, if you say do rent you always ask a person
can he stop here this this expand your spectrum
your surrender opportunities or because tacos but by adria drug
look, that is, someone bought a parade repaired prepared virtually everything
look fun tile original profit when the cooker is set
the wall is very cool that there is see the window, that is, it is always very
great when there is a window in the kitchen is not so it’s boring to cook, although here instead of only
exclusively for cooking but here redevelopment gives its yes that is, you
see how much air well how much fantasy can be played out
she, too, is actually front-line, that is, we were with you here in this tower and here in
this opposite Now we are in the third and here you can
see the windows are not very clean here is the city center then
there is a side street that goes the center here is done to sleep that is all
big enough and small in a circle i love installed in a circle
air conditioners everything is prepared just for rent
let’s go see the same thing important one designer isn’t like that
and there is most likely that is the company they they did so they did repairs
sellers themselves sold repaired so the issue of business with
organizations yes they are the same certainly looks gorgeous
you come in and right well these firewood is beauty the author can not I show only that
that I select specifically for the situation today that is, under the order of his
I’m introducing you to some client as they say in the process, that is, I have
there is no idea that something is shooting somewhere so you don’t
have applied you have the opportunity see what others are buying
understand me why we do it or not understand or look and already
that is my task for you to understand my the philosophy of work how I work that I
I’m doing it for how much longer. will cost we are already discussing specifically
from your request let’s see this one more very quickly just different
the sofa is here and the tiles do not hang on the ceiling, that is, how do they differ
differ in appearance, that is, in two the last ones that we are watching with
sofas this is a sea view only from the kitchen window in
principle on the city that is a little bit here these are smaller and feel the very first they
Of course more those that are on thirteenth postponed here and declare
please if put like this sofa sit in this sea of ​​sun persons these lateral
also a bedroom those. they are the same bedroom so for sure
one is roughly understand how is it all Looks the same scent click faster
showing a shower not just light so zire no so
see what beauty and when the fourth apartment you are not so
inspired by because everything is already clear as so what
such a chic happened myself huge watched this video before
end put likes subscribe to channel and leave under this video
a comment if you need what you need some crawled
information all all there is under it the video in the description with you was Oksana
Maykova for now see you next video



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  • Оксана все интересно. Спасибо тебе что ты помогла мне с покупкой квартиры . Господа советую Вам работать с Оксаной.

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